2005 Elise Heritage Blue/Biscuit - Sport, Touring 44k miles

Year: 2005
Model: Elise
Mileage: 44,xxx
Price: $26,000
Title: Clean and In-hand
Exterior color: Heritage Blue (Toyota color)
Interior color: Biscuit
Both tops. See below.

I am selling my 2005 Elise. I have had it since July of 2010 when I flew to Tampa to pick it up and drive it home.

When I obtained the car it was Magnetic Blue (albeit with a poorly matching front bumper after minor chin scrape repairs). I have repainted it twice. First to satin white, then to its current Heritage Blue.

I do have a hardtop. It is not body color and is wrapped gloss black. It also has no headliner as it was drooping from the moment I bought it, so I just ripped it out. The inside of the hardtop is a combination of Magnetic Blue and glue. One of the rear bracket covers did not come with the car.

Front and rear bodylines have been filled. Rear outside faux vent pockets have been filled.

I have tracked it, I have autocrossed it, I have driven it hard. All mechanical maintenance has been performed by myself. Cams have not been inspected, but I have no reason to believe they are not okay. I know of the issue and only drive it hard when it is nice and hot.

The only modifications:
Stage 2 exhaust.
The airbox has been desnorkeled. I have the piece.
SSC shift cable to replace the factory one that snapped on my third day of ownership

AC works (as well as the a stock one can) and the fan resistor pack has been replaced with the factory updated unit.

The ECU recall has not been performed. After hearing of a few folks having issues with the oil line recall post-fix, I decided to do it myself and double up on the clamps as outlined in the original fix threads here on LotusTalk.

I have had two minor mishaps. The first was my battery coming loose at an autocross and causing a small paint pop when the battery hit the inside of the boot. The was repaired when the first repaint was done. The second was hitting a groundhog while on a spirited drive (RIP groundhog). That broke the area under the center grill and was repaired.

While there is nothing major wrong with the car it does have its issues
Both interior trim panels above the frame rail were repeatedly knocked of by feet as people get in and out, so I secured them with a screw. Quite industrial I think

The radio is always thinking there is a CD in there even though there isn't. When listening to the radio it switches to CD then back to radio seemingly at random. I am 99% positive there is no CD in there, nothing ejects when I hit the button. If there is something in there, it is Tim Minchin, you are welcome.
brief video of the madness

There is a wrinkle in the paint on the inside edge of the driver's side headlight. Not sure it is an adhesion issue or something else.

There is some slight ghosting where the front bodyline used to be. Not everyone picks it up and it is difficult to capture in a picture, but it doesn't really show up. Check the full size images.

The paint job is not concours quality. It isn't Maaco bad or anything, but there are a few dist nibs, differing amounts of orange peel, and dry spray here and there. Most, if not all, could be handled with a solid color sanding and paint correction.

There are a few stone chips

The passenger front grill attachment tab broke off last time I was installing the front clam, so it is held in with trim tape

The shift boot has popped up from the center console just today. I am probably going to fix it tomorrow. If so I will amend this post.

The rear left speaker is missing its grill. I think I have it somewhere. If so, I will pop it on.

The drivers seat belt shoulder anchor is missing part of its cover. Having seen the picture has jogged a memory of where it might be. If I find it, I will update.

One of the carpet buttons is missing on the passenger side.

The drivers seat is slightly worn

The needles on the gauges are faded. I believe this car spent a lot of time in the Florida sun before I bought it.

In addition to these, there is a slight squeak that goes away when ever-so-slightly pressing the clutch pedal. I believe this is coming from the clutch fork pivot ball, but it is possible it is the clutch release bearing itself.

Also, the driver's door droops slightly, always has. It just scrapes the rear of the sill trim when it closes and opens.

If you have any questions, respond here, send me a PM, or send me an email at elise@mutantshark.com

Full images can be found here